Because ACTIO is the right choice

to develop a strategic mindset and to ensure an organizational change

Business is created through people … Full stop!

ACTIO is an experienced consulting firm developing talents and leaders to build, broaden and sustain capabilities as well as facilitating implementation of changes aligning activities to the strategic goals of your company. I help my customers optimizing their STRATEGY, CULTURE, SALES and MANAGEMENT – Always based on the set business goals.

The risk of making wrong priorities in relation to the organization’s overall goals and with subsequent failure to execute the strategy is utterly dependent on thorough strategic plans.

If you as a leader wish to achieve the defined results and wish to make the necessary changes, the individual employee must relate to the strategy, which requires a disciplined, stage-by-stage approval process to ensure coherence between the strategic plan and the implemented activities.

As certified Benelizer® Navigator I help you develop your business. I ensure that insights from Benelizer® are ongoingly turned into effective decisions about resources and realization of goals. Benelizer® continually monitors the health of all initiatives, at all times allowing you to focus your attention on initiatives that best support your goals and have the greatest chance of realization. Benelizer® ensures a high level of change in your company while staying on track.

Culture constitutes the essence of the organization and its goals – not vice versa. Growth and change processes often challenge the culture of the company. There must be synergies and coherence between the old culture and the future culture. A strong performance culture is more than just ambitious targets and close monitoring. It all comes down to the fact whether the organization really is passionate enough and is committed to take ownership of the set goals.

Integrating and improving effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force, the sales profile, the sales process and the productive sales must reflect what is needed to achieve the objectives. The strongest foundation for success is influenced by four parameters: performance management, the number of activities, prioritization and quality of the sales work (competencies). ACTIO operates within the field of all four parameters and help you identify, mobilize and develop your sales force to succeed in doing the right things for the right people – the right way.

To execute the strategy and achieve future goals, there is a need for preparation of the management layer to the new paradigm and future growth. Many people experience the need to strengthen and develop leadership skills for basic every day management. Management rooted in behaviour ensures a solid foundation. The future calls for a strong dynamic and united management, and the individual leader has the ability to see, support and develop the employers’ strengths and qualifications in order to succeed.

ACTIO is a consulting firm based on a strong set of values, whose strength is to generate change.

ACTIO is action-driven, designed to and specialized in closing the strategy-to-execution gap.

I develop talents’ and leaders’ capabilities to operate from a enterprise perspective, lead change and help them to enable fast execution of a new strategy.

I focus on human factors to ensure the fulfillment of objectives.
The processes link culture, management, sales, behavioral attitudes and competences.

Let´s generate greater results together.